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“Gator Dick”

ago. Mike and James also describe James' American bachelor party in Ginny Springs where the locals affectionately referred to him as "Gator Dick". The three also discuss gas station boner pills, the drunken shit show that is Florida-Georgia weekend...

“Bourbon Liar”

Mike and Justin discuss the Urban Meyer saga and if the Jags Head Coach will still remain in that role through the end of the year. They also look back at Jamal Agnew's historic "Kick 6" return where an omniscient frat guy sitting a row behind them...

“The Smash Mouth of Football”

Mike and Cam's bike trip before the Houston game, as well as what it's like to cope with the Jags losing ways. Tim relates the whole thing to an unhealthy relationship which is pretty spot on. Finally, they talk about past tailgating experiences...

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